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This major explores the historical development of imperial and colonial formations around the world, from ancient times to the current era of neoliberalism and globalization. How have imperial and colonial formations shaped larger processes and events in world history? And how have historical actors in both colonies and metropoles experienced, negotiated, advanced, and resisted imperial and colonial domination? air jordan 10 chicago footlocker

This major explores the development of religious traditions worldwide, asking how religious beliefs, practices, and institutions have helped shape culture, politics, and ideology from pre-modern times to the present. Courses in the minor push students to consider the multifarious ways in which religion structures society and is structured by it. See the approved course list for this major .

This major explores the centrality of race and gender in shaping and reproducing hierarchical relations of power around the world. From social classifications and legal codes in ancient and medieval societies to scientific and cultural conceptions of racial and sexual differences over the last four centuries, how have race and gender defined and denied access to power to justify and naturalize social inequalities? And how have different peoples organized politically around racial and gender identities (e.g., as women, as Chicanas, as First Nations, etc.) to contest and transform social norms? See the approved course list for this major .

This major explores experiences of civil and international wars as a means to question how violence, conflict, and other traumatic acts have shaped political, social, and cultural formations in the past and present. In addition to military history, courses in this minor examine the following aspects of war's linkage to society: how the experiences and exigencies of war create conditions for broader changes, including changes in notions of territorial integrity, sovereignty, national belonging, citizenship, gender, and race, as people are called to serve in battle zones and on the home front. See the approved course list for this major .


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End Hunger In Calvert County and Chesapeake Church’s Peake Youth have partnered together to bring you an over the top obstacle experience. The Live Out Loud End Hunger Obstacle Trail Run is a 2.5+ mile undertaking through mud-laden trails and obstacles. With both timedand family friendly waves, this event will prove to excite anyone willing to accept the challenge. With the addition of a new obstacle, this year will be better than ever, so don’t miss the opportunity to do what you love and make a difference while you do it.

Be sure to join us for the Awards Ceremony and Matt’s Story Tribute where we will celebrate the day and your victory over the course. After your run, join us at the Post Race Party where there will be free food and music with a live DJ!

End Hunger In Calvert County is a (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization. All proceeds and donations stay right here in Calvert, helping to care for our most needy residents.

(Subject to change)

6:30AM – 10:00AM: Same Day Registration Check-In 7:30AM: TimedWave 1 // (6th Grade+) 8:00AM: TimedWave 2 // (6th Grade+) 8:30AM:TimedWave 3 // (6th Grade+) 9:30AM: Awards Ceremony // Matt’s Story Tribute 10:00AM: Family Wave // (Adults Children K-5th Grade) 8:00AM-12:00PM: Post-Race Party // Live DJ

NOTE: The Family Friendly Wave will have a staggered start in order to manage the volume of people on the course at one time, so please arrive at the scheduled 10AM start time.


The 2016 Live Out Loud End Hunger Obstacle Trail Run will not only include awards for the Timed Waves, but we are adding awards for the Family Wave. The Family Wave will be competing for Most Spirited Runner Muddiest Runner ! These awards are not limited by age, so anyone signed up for the Family Wave is eligible to win.

Most Spirited Runner Muddiest Runner

Chesapeake Church 6201 Solomons Island Road, Huntingtown, MD 20639

Chesapeake Church

When you arrive, please park andhead to Same Day Registration Check-In in the Children’s Ministry Wing Lobby. That is where you willreceive your race day information, bibs t-shirts. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your wave start time to ensure that you have time to get all necessary information before your race starts. If you purchase merchandise with your registration, it can be picked up at any time at the Merchandise Tent.

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