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Independent Evaluation Office

Independent Evaluation Office

James Schamus

110 minutes

Logan Lerman, Sarah Gadon, Tracy Letts

Select theaters July 29

A sense of dread hangs over Indignation , the first feature directed by James Schamus, former CEO of Focus Features. Schamus produced—and sometimes had a hand in writing—a litany of great films, working with Ang Lee on the likes of Crouching Tiger , Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain . His directorial debut, based on a 2008 Philip Roth novel, is exquisite to behold, carefully recreating its era (the action primarily takes place in 1951) and offering some pretty period costumes. But this is a bleak film, one whose undercurrent of morbidity stems any romanticization of the past. That ominousness can at times be suffocating, as the action barrels toward a conclusion it insists on foreshadowing. Light summer fare this is not.

The film’s more challenging and occasionally frustrating elements mirror those of its hero, Marcus Messner (Logan Lerman). Marcus, the son of a Jewish butcher in drearily lit Newark, New Jersey, has avoided being shipped off to the Korean War by getting a scholarship to a liberal arts college in Ohio. An early punchline comes when Marcus is asked by the grieving mother of a classmate killed in combat how he’ll keep kosher in the midwestern state. It quickly becomes clear that Marcus is not especially concerned with avoiding treif as he digs into some escargot on his first date with the striking Olivia Hutton (Sarah Gadon). A prickly figure who initially strives to keep to himself, Marcus can’t resist the starlet glamour of Olivia, and it’s through her that Marcus begins to shed his guarded armor, exposing a budding firebrand. He’s not a good Jewish boy trying to please his parents. He’s a fiercely independent atheist.

Olivia possesses a manic energy that instantly codes her as trouble. She’s got Donna Reed’s wardrobe and Tracy Flick’s cadence. Gadon is appropriately magnetic in this shiksa goddess role, but her performance is hampered by the nature of the part. The audience is only allowed to see Olivia through Marcus, and though she reveals to him that she attempted suicide in the past, he makes little effort to truly understand her, mostly regarding her as beautiful, intriguing, and very willing to service his penis. She gives him a blowjob on their first date, the significance of which he puzzles and agonizes over. Other acts follow. (Is this the hand job-iest movie of 2016? It is based on a Roth book.) While enjoying the pleasures she provides, Marcus refuses to acknowledge the full extent of Olivia’s pain, though she does admittedly conceal it from him. Thus, Gadon can’t betray much of the turmoil lurking under this young woman’s surface.

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By the creator of Homestuck and Hiveswap

About Aspects

Your Aspect is one of three qualities which uniquely determine your True sign, along with your Sign Class and Lunar Sway . Your Aspect indicates that you are bound to one of twelve cosmic properties: Breath, Blood, Life, Doom, Light, Void, Time, Space, Heart, Mind, Rage, or Hope. Each Aspect is paired with another, which are in opposition to each other, as seen in the wheel below. To find out your True Sign, which includes discovering your Aspect, take the test now .

Those bound to the aspect of Time are fighters, full stop. Their lives are often marked by struggle, not so much because fate has it in for them, but because they are fundamentally incapable of just accepting things as they come. They value action over passive acceptance, even if that may not be the wisest or safest choice. Don't try to tell a Time-bound to sit still and look pretty. They are very goal-focused, and tend to value the destination over the journey, and you won't find them making that journey in any traditional sort of way. To quote cheesy posters found on many a guidance counselor's wall-"impossible is just a word". If you need a miracle, they are who you call. At their best, the Time-bound are empathetic and relentless problem-solvers. At their worst they are ruthless, defensive, and impulsive.


Those bound to the aspect of Space are, as the name suggests, concerned with the big picture. They are patient, masters of the art of 'wait-and-see', and are inclined to take things as they come. That isn't to say that they're pushovers or willing to let injustice lie-they just choose their battles wisely, understanding that sometimes you have to let something burn to the ground in order to build it back better and stronger than before. To this effect, they tend to be innovators, concerned with creation and redemption. Catch them recycling the old to make the new, the fresh, and the beautiful. For the Space-bound, the journey is as, if not more, important than the destination; how they do something is as important as what they do. At their best, they are steady, impartial, and creative. At their worst, they can be detached, apathetic, and vague.


Those bound to the aspect of Heart are very concerned with their favorite subject: themselves. It wouldn't be a stretch to call them 'self-obsessed', but not necessarily in a negative way. They simply want to understand the one thing we all are stuck with for our entire lives, i.e. our own minds. Forging an identity is extremely important to the Heart-bound, and every decision and action goes toward building a coherent narrative of their own story. That isn't to say Heart-bound don't care deeply for their friends and allies; they just have a tendency to assume that everyone is as concerned with identity as they are. They are excellent at putting on and taking off masks as the situation calls for them. At their best, they are competent, imaginative, and steady. At their worst they can be overbearing, inflexible, and cold.

Assistant Professor Political Science Scharbauer Hall 2012B

[email protected] | 817-257-4218

Download CV

Ph.D., Political Science, The Ohio State University (2011) MA, Political Science, The Ohio State University (2007) M.P.Aff. in International Affairs, LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin (2004) BA, History, Minor in Religion, Columbia University (2001)

POSC 20123 Introduction to American Politics POSC 31003 Topics in American Politics - Intelligence Bureaucracy POSC 31443 Human Trafficking in the U.S. POSC 39053 Experimental Methods in Political Science

American and Texas Government; Women Politics; American Identity Politics; American Foreign Policy on Transnational Human Trafficking (study abroad); Survey Research; Capstone in Political Science

American politics; political psychology; identity politics; public opinion; public policy; human trafficking (domestic and transnational)

Dr.Vanessa Bouché is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Texas Christian University. Herresearch is at the intersection of political psychology and public policy, with a particular focus on identity politics and human trafficking.

She has been a co-principal investigatoron several federally-funded projectsfrom the US Department of Justice and USAID totaling over $800,000. She has developed datasets of human trafficking prosecutions in the US at both the state and federal levels, and is the principal investigatorof , an open-access, searchable database of federal human trafficking cases in the US.She is working with Indian NGO, Shakti Vahini, to replicate this web application in India.Dr. Bouchéhas conducted public opinion research on human trafficking in the US, Moldova, and Albania, and has also designed and deployed trauma-informed surveys with survivors of human trafficking in the US and Honduras.

Dr. Bouché has published articles in Journal of Politics, Politics Gender, Journal of Public Policy, and Women Criminal Justice, among others. She teaches a variety of courses, including AmericanIdentity Politics, Human Trafficking in the U.S., U.S. Intelligence Bureaucracy, Transnational Human Trafficking (study abroad in India), Experimental Methods in Political Science, and Capstone in Political Science.

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Samuel Haig is a cryptocurrency and economics journalist who has been passionately involved in the bitcoin space since 2012. Samuel has written about the disruptive potential of cryptocurrency with regards to the dialectical relations within contemporary neoliberal capitalism.