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RedHat EnterpriseLinux Guide de l'administrateur systèmes 16.15.Configurer le pare-feu pour autoriser les paquets NTP entrants

There is a lot of misinformation around about what the terms ‘audible’, ‘inaudible’ and ‘ultrasound’ mean. This post aims to give readers a better understanding of each, the reasons behind some of the confusion, and why the differences here matter.

Simply put, the term ‘audible’ means ‘able to be heard’. This may seem blindingly obvious, but as we’ll see — it sets the scene for more subtle distinctions later in this discussion.

When we say that we are ‘able to hear’ something, we are making a statement about several different characteristics of a particular sound and its acoustic context. Each of these qualities must be within certain ranges in order for the human auditory system to detect a sound.

A couple of the most significant qualities affecting human hearing of particular sounds:

Let’s assume here that the first one is controlled by us — that we have quiet conditions for listening, so that the main remaining 2 factors become a sound’s loudness and its frequency composition.

In terms of frequencies, the common definition for the human audible frequency range is 20Hz and 20kHz [1] — however our ear’s sensitivity to sound varies dramatically over this range.

Our ear is most sensitive between the ranges of ~2kHz and ~5kHz (see the dip in the graph above). This range of particular sensitivity corresponds directly to the main frequency components of human speech.

In our most sensitive frequency regions we are able to perceive sound pressure levels of under 20μPa — this corresponds to the vibrating air molecules which together constitute audible sounds over incredibly small distances, on the order of 1/100 of a millionth of a centimetre, or 1/10th the diameter of a hydrogen molecule [2].

This sensitivity changes not only with frequency of the sound, but with the age of the listener — with younger folk having a much greater sensitivity to higher frequency sounds. There are many different ways a person can lose hearing sensitivity, most commonly this happens as a natural process of ageing as we (unlike frogs fish[3]) gradually loose the tiny hair cells in the inner ear ( presbycusis ) which translate vibration to electrical impulses finally interpreted by the brain.

Inaudible then — ‘unable to be heard’.

There may be multiple potential reasons for this — a sound could be inaudible over the background noise level (i.e. ‘masked’), could be outside the human audible frequency range, or be too quiet to be heard even in ideal listening conditions.

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-Your School of Choice

RUSE Banner

For 8 weeks Deadline to Apply

Dear Prospective RUSE students :

Dear Prospective RUSE students

Rutgers University School of Business–Camden 227 Penn Street Camden, New Jersey 08102-1656

Rutgers University School of Business–Camden

Main Office: (856) 225-6800 Academic Services: (856) 225-6216 Fax: (856) 225-6231 nike roshe run total orange floral

BA in Business Administration Phone: (856) 225-6714 Fax: (856) 225-6231 nike air max zero nike id promo

BA in Business Administration

BABA Online Program Christine Ebner Online Program Coordinator [email protected]

BABA Online Program

Phone: (856) 225-6958 Fax: (856) 225-6231

BizEd Program Dana Barrett Phone: (856) 225-6838 [email protected]

BizEd Program

BLDP Program Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough BLDP Director BSB Room 258 Phone: (856) 225-6592 mens sneakers nike air max 90 black deluxe threeinone

BLDP Program

Development Office Kate Brennan Director of Development Phone: (856) 225-6577 [email protected]

Development Office

Fax: (856) 225-6231

Undergraduate Advising Phone: (856) 225-6216 [email protected]

Undergraduate Advising

Graduate Advising Jorgelina Sime Phone: (856) 225-6218 [email protected]

Graduate Advising

Master of Business Administration Phone: (856) 225-6452 Fax: (856) 225-6231 [email protected]

Master of Business Administration

PMAc Program Beverly Jaye Ballard Phone: (856) 225-2980 [email protected]

PMAc Program

Undergraduate Program Dana Barrett Recruiter Phone: (856) 225-6838 [email protected]

Undergraduate Program

In recent years, given the massive influx of tablets, mobiles and handheld devices, there has been a complete transformation in the way the average user accesses and interacts with online content. To keep up with this continual evolution, the elearning industry has been consistently revamping features of its existing tools/framework to provide comprehensive support for content creation for multi-device use.

New tools and frameworks have also been introduced in the market to cater to the burgeoning demand of creating responsive courses — one such name which is a standout in the elearning world is that of ‘Adapt Learning.’ Adapt’s dedicated focus to nike free 5 nz cheap gas
by technical and non-technical users has been garnering it significant praise among users. Its popularity which has been increasing by leaps and bounds is also greatly attributable to the fact that Adapt has been on a mission to ensure widespread use of its framework and authoring tool by making the entire source code accessible to users entirely free.

Adapt Framework and Authoring Tool: What you need toknow

The ‘Adapt Learning Framework’ empowers the user to create elearning courses in HTML5 — its fundamental design enables the creation of responsive course content and the brand name ‘Adapt’ was chosen to embody it.


The ‘Adapt Learning Framework’ was designed with developers in mind; for non-technical users the Adapt community then created a rapid authoring tool called Adapt Authoring tool based on the Adapt Learning Framework. It aims to allow non-tech users to create courses without the need to write any code. The authoring tool was initially rolled out only to customers of Learning Pool in October 2014. But it was reportedly received with such rave reviews that the ‘Adapt’ community decided to roll out a ‘free’ hosted version of the tool to everyone in April 2016.

Adapt Authoring tool Who’s behind Adapt Learning?

An open source ‘Adapt Learning Framework’ was conceived and developed by Europe based eLearning tech companies and released in February 2014. Brought together by a common aim to “provide low cost, innovative e-learning solutions”; UK-based Learning Pool along with Sponge UK , Kineo came together to collaborate on their ambitious vision for the future.

2018 Workshop Schedule

click here to view flyer

Check out my new Download Store – I will be adding keys templates, analysis and production tools that I have developed in my over two decades of garment production. These are my essential tools of the trade that will save you both time and money by making your forms professional, compliant and efficient.

Workshops held at Apparel Arts in Oakland, CA – Pre-registration Required

Sign up for the Entire Series.

A complete series of six workshops aimed at entrepreneurs in sewn products. Each workshop focuses on a specific production topic broken down into actionable steps. The series provides a comprehensive view of the entire apparel supply-chain process from design concept to shippable garments (or bags, shoes, hats, or whatever you intend to make). You will receive dozens of industry specific forms, as well as insight and practical examples from years of experience with hundreds of garment companies.

I have worked directly with sewing factories in the USA and offshore for decades. Many of them are close friends (our kids grew up together!). I am committed to ethical business practices, which are built into what I teach. I am also committed to helping you establish a profitable business. You will enjoy your creative endeavor a lot more when you are making money!

Lana Hogue has worked in garment manufacturing for over 30 years. With extensive experience in production, quality control, and operations both in the U.S. and off shore including Asia, Mexico Central America, South America, and Caribbean Basin. Lana has worked as an employee and a consultant to hundreds of companies from start-ups to $400 million in sales. Her unique perspective will help you understand how to thrive in the world of sewn-product manufacturing, operate ethically and maximize your return on investment.

Lana is also the Production Chair for PeopleWearSF, a San Francisco Bay Area Apparel/Sewn Products industry association. Email Lana with questions or comments: [email protected]

In a private consultation, some of the topics covered in the seminars will be addressed as they apply specifically to your business. Contacts will be provided that are reputable, socially compliant, and appropriate to your product… Read More

see moretestimonies

“Lana Hogue has been a tremendous asset to Saint Harridan. There are consultants who know the ins and outs of the garment industry. They are rare and valuable. But, Lana is heads and shoulders above even the best of those. She doesn’t simply know the industry. Give her a garment idea – doesn’t matter the fabric, weave, whether it’s for children, men, women – or an accessory. Lana can tell you where and how it should be made, including names and contact information for anyone who should be involved in the process – from idea to sourcing materials, to pattern-making, to grading, to factory sourcing, and even quality control and freight forwarding. I’m telling you, she’s the best! She even follows changes in tariff and trade laws! Take her classes, or hire her as a consultant. Lana Hogue is the best investment you can make in your fashion company.”

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