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Feeling hungry or thirsty?

Can’t wait to enjoy one of our homemade dishes orjuices right now? No problem, our friends from Deliveroo will help you every weekday from 8:00 till 18:00, and every Saturday from 9:00 till 18:00. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your location is already on their radar.

You’d like to order some food or juices ? No Problem, our e-shop will help you!

Nonetheless, some of our products might not be available for the desired delivery date as we produce a limited quantity of products based upon daily deliveries of fresh ingredients .

About us?

Our goal is to be analternative to traditional fast-foods by offering quality, balanced,tasty and affordable products.

Take care of yourself while enjoying tasty and natural fresh juices as well as delicious, fresh and homemade meals, salads,sandwiches and desserts.

Together with our teams we take up this challenge every day.

All our products are freshly made on a daily basis using the best quality of ingredients, filled with love and passion.

Download the juice menu

@ BON, we aim to serve you the best. For our ingredients and suppliers, it’s all about quality, quality and quality…. We also value other aspects such as organic certified, local and seasonal supplies aspart of our selection process. We strongly believe that it is possible to serve ready to eat gourmet products with as much as possible positive impacts on your happiness, your health and our nature.

Getting the right ingredients is just a start. Making the best out of them is the goal. All year long, our chef creates new recipes that all match the equation “ingredient’s natural taste + passion = pleasure”. Our recipes are largely inspired by souvenirs gathered along trips around the globe. We try to reflect todays cosmopolitan reality in our preparations. Whether you are a vegetarian, a meat lover, a spice lover, or you like your food classical, you’ll find something to meet your need!

We strongly believe that a part of happiness comes with the pleasure of having a good lunch with family, colleagues or friends. Therefore, we will always do our utmost possible to offer you genuine flavors and taste. Our teams are largely inspired with our values and therefore will always be happy to welcome you in a happy, friendly, qualitative atmosphere.

Rue du Bailli, 2B 1050 Brussels


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Our Ocean. Our Future.

As a species, our survival is dependent on our oceans being healthy and full of life, yet only four percent are currently protected. This means that vast areas are left unregulated and vulnerable to ever-increasing human pressures such as unsustainable fishing, irresponsible waste management and climate change.

If we don’t protect marine life from destructive human activities now, the oceans face a ‘sixth mass extinction’; an extinction caused by humans.

Marine megafauna play a critical role in the health of our oceans’ vast ecosystems, and thus the survival of all marine life. The stakes have never been higher for these ocean giants, which is why the Marine Megafauna Foundation is on a mission to save them using pioneering research, education, and sustainable conservation solutions.

Marine Megafauna Foundation

The next 10 years may be more important than the last 10,000 in determining the fate of our oceans."

The next 10 years

Since MMF’s inception, our scientists have made great strides by using groundbreaking research to educate local and global communities and inspire lasting conservation solutions. We have made documented improvements in research , education and conservation and our work has been featured in a variety of global media outlets.

research education conservation new species IUCN Red List of Threatened Species satellite tags non-invasive methods photo recognition software Western Indian Ocean Southeast Asia The Americas Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

Stay up-to-date on our latest research:

11260 Donner Pass Road #256 Truckee, CA 96161 USA

Tofo Beach, Inhambane Mozambique

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Thank you so much for setting up a monthly payment with MMF. We’re so grateful for all your kind support!

Your first payment will be debited on the day you make the donation, and every month thereafter on or around the same date.

We are a technology firm focused on delivering World Class BI systems that provide clients with the latest software, tools, analysis, resources and insights necessary to identify, catch and utilize data that provides the greatest value to your organization – so you can truly Lead by Knowing.
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